Acer E2B V2 DLP 3D Active Glass


ACER E2b V2 3D Active glasses - black, F3Y021BF2M HDMI Cable - 2 m Enjoy loads of content in 3D on a 3D Ready DLP projector with the E2b V2 3D Active glasses from Acer. These glasses can be used..

Acer MWA3 HDMI WirelessCAST


Acer MWA3 HDMI WirelessCASTWith the Acer MHL wireless dongle and an MHL-enabled projector, you can transfer video content wirelessly in resolutions up to Full HD.FeaturesWith the Acer MHL wireless..

BenQ 3D Glasses D3


BenQ 3D Glasses - D3 Open your eyes to the fantastic world of 3D visualization and let your imagination work its magic! The BenQ 3D goggles are exceptionally designed to provide an immersive 3..

BenQ 3D Glasses DGD5


Benq 3D Glasses DGD5 Enjoy the Fantastic New World of 3D! The BenQ 3D goggles are exceptionally designed to provide an immersive 3D viewing experience with BenQ’s DLP® Link™ - enable..

BenQ New 3D Glasses II


BENQ NEW 3D GLASSES II Enjoy the Fantastic New World of 3D! Let your imagination work its magic!..

Brateck Projector Trolley TS-6A


BRATECK PROJECTOR TROLLEY TS-6A The TS-6A is Brateck latest projector trolley with two separate platform design. The adjustable height level and tier angle are a welcome features for user..

Epson ELPGS03 3D Glass


EPSON ELPGS03 3D GLASS   Crystal-clear 3D entertainment — enables easy viewing of 3D movies and games Sleek, lightweight design — comfortably view 3D content; remarkable co..

Hi-Shock YDD3PG DLP 3D Active Glass


Hi-SHOCK DLP-LINK shutter 3D glasses adopts the DLP-LINK communication technology authorized by TI. Through the DLP-LINK pulse, the glasses is switched between the left and right images. Therefore, n..

Logitech R400 Presenter


LOGITECH R400 PRESENTER The convenient controls of this wireless presenter will help you make your point. Confidence boost Intuitive controls and red laser* pointer make presentations a sna..

Optoma ZD201 DLP 3D Active Glass


OPTOMA ZD201 DLP 3D ACTIVE GLASS  Product Description Enjoy big screen 3D from your DLP Link equipped Optoma projector with a pair of ZD201 glasses. These lightweight glasses can be adjus..

Optoma ZD301 DLP 3D Active Glass


OPTOMA ZD301 DLP 3D ACTIVE GLASS   Lightweight design for a comfortable fit Batteries provide up to 40 hours of use Long effective distance range DLP Link Sync: compatible with m..

Optoma ZD302 DLP Link 3D Glass


Optoma ZD302 DLP Link 3D GlassThe ZD302 DLP® Link™ 3D glasses offer customers the best 3D viewing experience available in today’s market. Our most comfortable 3D glasses design is both lightweight..

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